United Veterans Coalition of Colorado Foundation (UVCF)



Vision:  To open doors and eliminate roadblocks to meaningful, healthy, inclusive lives for currently serving and former Uniformed Service members and their families living or working in the State of Colorado.


Mission: To educate the public, businesses and state, federal and local governments on the many contributions and needs of Colorado’s currently serving Uniformed Service members, veterans, their families and survivors through research, resource networks and program opportunities.


The UVCF supports projects that assist veterans and armed service members by research, education and networking.  Two examples of this effort are: 1) co-sponsoring the Veterans’ Treatment Court Conference, held in the fall in Colorado Springs; and 2)  supporting the Veterans’ Services and Support map, which lists resources for veterans’ assistance in housing, employment, and medical or mental health issues. It also identifies service organizations made up of veterans.


UVCF Officers and Board Members

President, Ron Huntley                           Bill Hanna, Board Member

Vice President, Mark Lilevjen                Ed Aitken, Board Member

Secretary, Karen Hone                            Bill Holen,  Board Member

Treasurer, Ralph Charlip                         

For more information, email Bill Hanna at [email protected] or call Karen Hone at 303-332-3007

The United Veterans Coalition Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable foundation.

Mailing address: UVCF,  P. O. Box 603, 700 N. Colorado Blvd., Denver CO 80206

Registered address: UVCF, 15528 Navajo St., Broomfield, CO 80023






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